Originally Albert, is the will to democratize a new English learning mode.

The creation of Albert
Father of 4 children and new technologies Feru David Ansellem decided in 2012 to create Albert to install a new method of learning English BASED conversation online with teachers around the world.

Its ambition is simple: to provide a simple access to each of competent teachers and create friendly exchanges that allow meler learning and fun.

Of its launch, Albert puts its know-how available to individuals, businesses and educational institutions, and is unanimous among its customers seduced by the method.
Why Albert?
Because a first name for us is a strong symbol: the guarantee of a close relationship, one based on the relationship transparency and exchange.

Because a first name for french designer our international brand, it is a nice nod to our roots, our identity.

Because a first name which was that Einstein incarnation of intelligence, impertinence and humor perfectly corresponds to the values of a brand that wants serious without taking itself seriously.
Our departments
Offer Consumer tutoring English by Skype session 30 minutes of conversation for everyone.
Tutoring, exam preparation, adult beginners and confirmed, job seekers, shed a level and intensive course.
The supply company is an innovative solution for private lessons by Skype conversion for salaries in the lowest rate of adapted works for small and large businesses.
Educational Institutions
The offer for school institutions specialized in the design collective group English classes by Skype for primary schools, colleges, high schools and universities.
Albert is present on all continents across 25 countries. Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cote d'Ivoire, Spain, Guinea, Haiti, Israel, Morocco, Philippines, Republic of Congo, Romania, USA, Senegal, Tunisia, Poland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Russia.
Some data about the company :

SAS Wheresjenny.com
Capital : 150 000 €
301 avenue du Prado 13 008 Marseille
SIRET : 75304706700016
Activity of Declaration registered under number 93.13.14529.13 with the Secretariat of prefect region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Composition of capital :
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