Plus on parle, plus on apprend

Chez Albert, we believe that learning should rhyme with pleasure. It is with this idea in mind we imagine a new way of teaching English, more fun, more challenging and more effective.
Our learning program is based on four principles :
1 Immersion
Having forgotten her tongue is the best way to learn or improve a language. That's why all our teachers speak only English. Des les premiers cours, le salarie oublie qu'il est la pour apprendre et petit a petit, assimile, comprend et parle naturellement anglais.
2 Conversation
Nos cours consistent en une discussion de 30 minutes sur un theme choisi par le salarie. He takes pleasure in and discuss sports, cinema or play a professional situation regularly while learning vocabulary and grammar. Tous nos professeurs ont ete formes pour amener le salarie a s'exprimer un maximum. L'enseignant initie et conduit la conversation mais ne la monopolise pas !
3 The pedagogical monitoring
You have to know to teach empathy and listening but also assist in time his students. Unlike some sites, at Albert all our teachers are an integral part of our structure. We guarantee their pedagogical skills as their ability to follow the long term, each of their students.
4 The evaluation
To stay motivated, an apprenticeship program must frequently show results ... Beyond the initial assessment that we offer our students, we planned that they be informed, at each end of the court's assessment of their lessons and evaluated on different criteria (comprehension, oral fluency, vocabulary, etc.)